A Note from PETfection's Creator... January 29 2017

WOW it has been 10 years since I started PETfection! It has been an awesome journey that I hope continues for many years.

I started this company with one thing in mind--- safe, chemical free products for dogs and cats. Back in 2007, I was living in Colorado working as a chemist making solutions for pharmaceutical companies. I had to work with dangerous chemicals in a clean room environment and absolutely hated how bad they could be. Wearing respirators to work with ingredients that are found in toothpaste and ice cream really made me start paying attention to ingredients in my products!

My passion for dogs and cats goes back to when I was little, but more specifically to when I was 14 and thought I wanted to be a veterinarian. From volunteering at the vet hospital to eventually working there for a number of years, I learned I truly want the best for our beloved furry friends.

In 2007 Natural products for pets were just starting to emerge, let alone, Organic. Today there has been a huge shift towards more natural and more organic options for our family pets. Although it is awesome that consumers now have more safe choices, it can still be a tedious task to scan ingredient labels to make sure the product is full of natural or organic ingredients, and not just one or two mixed in with standard chemicals. 

My first product was Paw Cream. My goal when creating it was to have every ingredient in it be non-toxic, pure, organic if possible, and effective at treating the specific ailment of healing and protecting dry paw pads, noses, elbows, and any other dry spot on the body. I wanted a customer to be able to read the label on the jar and understand the ingredients and pronounce them! With every product created my goal has stayed the same. I work with very reputable companies for my supplies and make sure the ingredients are sourced correctly and have analyses done of them. I am a believer in the effectiveness of essential oils, but I steer clear of certain ones that are either shown to be toxic to dogs/cats or show conflicting info on toxicity. The same goes for all the therapeutic healing oils used and every other ingredient in PETfection products. Every ingredient has been specifically researched and sought out to use for it's healing properties and for its non-toxicity. 

PETfection products exist because of all the friends, family, and unknown customers who have been willing to give these products a try and reach for something better for their own four legged animal. I truly thank each and every person known and unknown who has supported this business! At the end of the day I want dogs and cats to be healthy and happy. I am in this for them and am SO grateful for the last 10 years.

                                                                                   -Sheena Michels 1/29/2017 (creator & owner)