New Year Pet Friendly Resolutions December 28 2015

Welcome the New Year and Your New Year's Resolution With Your Dog By Your Side! 

5 easy resolution tips to share with your pooch:

1) Make it a Healthier New Year by committing to walking your dog at least once a day. The fresh air will do you and them wonders!

2) Commit to Quality Time with your pet. Spend 15 minutes each day fully concentrated on him/her. Play with an interactive toy, give them loves, talk, eat together, etc. They would rather have your full attention for a few minutes each day over semi-attention several times a day. 

3) Decide to Go Green with your dog this year. Replace chemical cleaners with biodegradable ones. Purchase eco-friendly toys. Buy a hemp collar or leash. Use biodegradable poop bags. Switch to natural or holistic treats and food. Change to using organic shampoo over a chemical shampoo. 

4) Natural Supplements for You and Your Dog. If you aren't currently taking supplements or vitamins, start to this year with the help of your dog. Say a Multi-Vitamin for yourself and a Hip Supplement for your dog? Or how about learning Canine Massage to improve their health without giving an oral item?

5) Include Your Pooch on a Trip. Any travel plans this year? See about taking your pet along too. Look for pet friendly hotels, go camping, take a canoe trip, or jet set off on a plane. It is easier now than ever to take your favorite furry friend along!

Remember, resolutions don't have to be hard or time consuming. Take small chunks each day to work on your resolution; it will compound into a full year's worth of gratitude and bonding for you and your dog!!