Calming Your Dog When it Comes to Anxiety and Nervousness June 05 2016

It is no surprise there are millions of dogs that suffer from anxiety and nervousness. According to the Cummings School of Vet Medicine at Tufts University, almost 20% of the nation's 80 million dogs suffer! Anything from a thunderstorm and fireworks, to garbage trucks and jackhammers can set dogs off. Behaviors can include barking, pacing, panting, hiding, and shaking. Symptoms generally start showing up between 1-3 years of age or can kick in later in life after years of being symptomless.

As a pet owner, it is always hard to deal with a dog that shows anxiety or nervousness. Working with a dog to overcome their behavior can be a daily, exhausting game. We are finding more and more people do not want to give their dog a tranquilizer from the vet to keep them calm. This is especially the case when the dog doesn’t show extreme anxiety or nervousness, but only minor or only in certain situations. With our Calming Spray, you can naturally put your dog at ease without worrying about knocking them out or making them loopy. Our spray works by the aroma; as the dog breathes in the relaxing oils it stimulates the brain to release neurochemicals to relax. Your dog won’t become real sleepy, but will instead chill out to a calm state. Customers report their dog will go from pacing back and forth and panting, to laying down in the living room. Others report their dog will stop shaking in their hiding spot and will seem more at ease (check out all of our reviews here).

The wonderful thing about our spray is you can use it virtually anywhere. We recommend spraying it onto the chest of the dog, their collar, or onto your hands and then rubbing it all over their snout. You can also spray it on their bed, crate, thundershirt, or “safe zone” without hurting them or the fabric/material. You can use this spray multiple times a day or just as needed. With the totally natural and organic, chemical-free formula you don’t have to worry about over use. Of course your dog can lick this spray too.

With the Fourth of July around the corner and thunderstorms already here, we hope you can give your anxiety prone dog some relief this year, and hopefully it will be with our Calming Spray!



That Dreaded Word...... ALLERGIES! March 02 2015

Allergies = Boo! Prevention & Treatment are key for your pet.

Spring is a common time for allergy symptoms to start showing up in your pet, but did you know some pets only have Fall or Winter allergies? Also dogs and cats exhibit allergies in different ways-- some show watery eyes and sneezing, but others just scratch and scratch or get ear infections. It can be hard to know if an allergy (and what kind!) is causing your pet’s symptoms, so here are a few tips:


  • Pollen = symptoms usually start showing in Spring and include chewing at the feet, constant licking of the inside leg and groin, face rubbing, ear infections or inflamed ears, and hot spots


  • Ragweed = symptoms usually start in the Fall and include chewing at the feet, constant licking of the inside leg and groin, face rubbing, ear infections or inflamed ears, and hot spots


  • Dust = symptoms are worse in the Winter when you’re spending more time indoors, and include chewing at the feet, constant licking of legs, belly, elbows, feet, face rubbing, and hot spots


  • Contact Dermatitis = symptoms are worse when exposed to carpets, cleaning products, or plastic items, and include red itchy bumps or blisters on areas with little fur. You may also see intense scratching and hair loss on the belly, feet, or muzzle.


  • Food = allergies to food can also show up in addition to environmental allergies. Symptoms include: Itching around the face, paws, legs, and butt. Yeasty ear infections are more common over mites or bacteria. Also skin infections caused by food allergies respond to antibiotics, but then recur as soon as the antibiotics stop.

As pets get older it is common for allergies to become worse, so prevention is the best method of treatment. If you know when your dog or cat’s scratching and chewing start, reach for our Deodorizer/Allergy Spray for fast relief and to keep the fur and skin from becoming red and irritated. This spray can be applied all over the body and will help with red bumps, dander, and scratching.

For dogs with pesky hot spots, have a bottle of Hot Spots/Wound Spray on hand to quickly target the inflammation and stinging/itching sensation. This spray contains a thicker oil and is made for more localized use. It will help promote scabbing and tissue growth of the raw skin. You can also use this spray in between the paw pads and toes for treatment as well.  

For irritating ear infections caused by yeast or mites, our Ear Cleaner Spray will help clear up the infection and prevent future infections, so you can start using this product at any time. It’s gentle and won’t burn or irritate the ears, but will help with redness, brown waxy discharge, and smell. All of these products are non-toxic, safe to lick, and can be used as often as needed!  

Hopefully with these few tips you can help with those inevitable, yearly allergies!




If you are unsure on the type of allergy your pet has, there are several tests available that certain vet clinics can perform. To read more on these visit this site.

Springtime Favorites from PETfection March 01 2014

Springtime is a time for fresh air, sunshine, and outdoor activity, but with it comes bugs, dirt, and unforeseen critters! Fortunately we have all the necessary items to get you stocked up and ready. Our Spring Favorites is a new collection of our most popular items sold this time of year. Whether you want to get your dog out for a good brushing or bathing, or just want to get in some quality play time, we have something that will work for you. 

The downside of Spring is fleas and mosquitoes start hatching and infesting our pets, and critters like skunks start being born and face our pets with a stinky situation. Our Bug Repellent Spray and Outdoor Bugs Be Gone kit will get your pet protected from flea bites, mosquitoes, flies, and ticks. They are great to have for any event outside like garden clean up, BBQ's, hiking, and camping.

Skunks are smelly creatures and never fun to deal with! It is always a good idea to have our Skunk Odor Neutralizer Spray and Shampoo on hand in you live in an area where skunks are making their presence. Both products will help eliminate skunk odors and residue, without being harsh on the skin or stripping the fur of it's natural oils. 


skunk odor neutralizer dog shampoo

skunk odor neutralizer spray




After getting the important stuff taken care of, have a relaxing playtime with your pooch with our Hemp Frisbee and excite your cat with our wool Eco Pouncer. :)