About Us

PETfection is an independently owned company in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. All of our spa products are 100% Natural and Organic, and are produced and shipped from Michigan. We believe in being green, so all of our containers and jars are 100% recyclable. PETfection products are great for all dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, but really great for sensitive pets or pets with terrible allergies. When a dog or cat already has a compromised immune system that gets revved up by everyday life, an owner shouldn't have to also worry about the ingredients in their spa products that could be adding to their pet’s discomfort. With PETfection products, they can see, touch, feel and smell the difference!

All of the toys, treats, supplements, and accessories found on our site are also safe and natural! The toys are made from Certified Organic Cotton, Natural Durable Hemp, Natural Bamboo, Recycled Rubber or other Recycled Eco-Friendly Materials. They are Non-Toxic, Chemical Free, and made with Dyes free from harmful substances. The treats are made in the USA. Absolutely NO salt, sugar, preservatives, or fillers are used. Gluten-Free options for dogs and simple ingredients for cats. Homeopathic supplements are a great alternative to pills! Dogs lick or drink the vitamin to promote healing from within. Last, all of the accessories are made from recycled materials or natural materials. They are eco-friendly for you and your pet!



We strive to produce and promote the safest possible products for pets and their families, and take every precaution needed to keep safety and effectiveness our number one goal. Our products are non-toxic and safe to use with a variety of ailments. If you are unsure if you should use a product with your pet’s condition, we always recommend consulting with a veterinarian.


Spa Product Development

PETfection Spa Products are made in the USA with non-toxic and certified organic, purely natural, and earth friendly quality ingredients. They do not contain any chemicals, additives, pesticides, solvents, fillers, salts, alcohol, or artificial preservatives. They are FREE of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, paraffin, glycols, mineral oils, PABA, DEA, and certainly do not contain any animal ingredients or byproducts. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.