• After a day of hunting in the thistles and stickers my bird dog goes into a deep hypnotic state when i apply the cream to her sore feet. I think she looks forward to the end of the day and the Paw Cream treatment as much as she does the hunt! -Cole

    • I have used Paw Cream alot on my Vizsla! She likes to go run alot and her feet get really sore. When I massage it into her feet she feels much better! I've also taken to applying it to her nose when it gets dry and cracked. The trick is to get it rubbed in before she licks it all off!! I'm anxiously awaiting new products that I will certainly try! -Nicci

    • I would like to let you know that this is the best product I have ever come across. My German Shepard always gets scratches when playing and Paw Cream gets rid of them in no time at all. Thanks! -Jason

    • I had to write and tell you what I did. I had an allergic sun reaction on my face causing my skin to become extremely dry and inflamed. I tried multiple products, but nothing seemed to soothe or heal the skin. I actually grabbed Paw Cream off my counter and smeared some on; it worked like a charm! I was amazed it actually took away the redness, reduced puffiness, and cleared up the dryness. I wasn't sure if it would work as well on people as on my dog, but it sure does. Thanks PETfection! -Nicci

    • My two dogs love Puppy Suds. They are so big and hyper I have to wrestle them down to give them a bath. Fortunately, Puppy Suds really gets their fur clean and makes them soft, so I don't have to bathe them all the time! Trust me, it's a work out! I definitely recommend PETfection products to anyone who wants to try non-toxic formulas. I feel better knowing my dogs aren't using harsh chemical pet products. -Pat

    • I love this breath freshener spray! Does what it claims, and very fast delivery. -Etsy Customer

    • Fast shipping! To my surprise, my dogs love the flavor of the Breath Freshener! Can't wait to see results. -Etsy Customer

    • Fast International Shipping and super great communication!!! Now my Nora smells delicious!!! :) Thank you! -Etsy Customer
    • I received my order and have been using the products for almost a month now. I am so pleased with the results of the all products! I truly didn't believe the Breath Freshener Spray could help with my dog Gizelle's plaque problem, but it did! And her breath is SO fresh too! As a service dog, I want Gizelle to look and smell her best when we are out and about, especially at restaurants and grocery stores. Your Deodorizers give her a 'just groomed' smell and I've received many compliments on how clean she looks and smells! The Joint Massage Oil comes in handy after a long day of shopping. When she sees the bottle she knows its 'massage time' and lays down in the middle of the living room floor - it's so cute! I am so pleased with the results that I will be replacing her shampoo and paw cream with your products when they run out! I have already recommended your products to others and will be doing so in the future too. Thank you for your great products. -Sheryl