Pets and Earth Day - How to Make it Count April 10 2018

Earth Day is coming up! It’s easy to think of planting trees for Earth Day, but how can you do more and make it count with your pet? Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Take a Walk! An easy one to do that’s free, doesn’t emit exhaust fumes into the atmosphere, and allows you to experience Mother Natures at her finest. Stop to smell those roses! Although your dog may be showing their appreciation for the day by peeing or pooping on those newly planted trees…. make sure you have our biodegradable poop bags on hand! :D
  • Spring Clean! Not only should you spring clean your own closet, but do your pet’s. Recycle those used toys, leashes, and beds either at the recycling center or by donating them to shelters or pet owners who can’t afford new ones. Also spring clean your dog by giving them a bath with this natural rubber scrub brush.
  • Buy Green! Perhaps you need to purchase a new leash, bed, or toy for your pet anyway. Search for eco-friendly options made with recycled material, organic materials, non-toxic dyes, and to boot can be recycled themselves! Feel free to check out all of our eco-friendly toys.
  • Be Mindful of Birds Making Nests! If you have a cat that likes to go on adventures outside, equip them with a cat collar cover that birds can see and safely get away ahead of time. 
  • Create an Eco & Dog Friendly Yard! If you are planning on doing some new landscaping or yard cleanup this year, check out this article on how to make it more eco and still fun for your pooch.
  • Local Events! Look for local Earth Day festivals in your area to get out and support Earth friendly businesses. Take your dog and make it a family day. 

Enjoy your Earth Day and don’t forget to take in a big ol’ breath of fresh air.