Bird Hunting Season and A Dog's Sore Paw Pads September 20 2015

Hey all you hunters out there!

It's your favorite time of year! Your dogs too, but with today's lavish lifestyle for pups the wilderness can mean more then reconnecting with their ancestral instincts. With plush carpet, comfy couches, and their own bed with pillows, modern day dogs have pampered paws. If your dog is coming home with dry sore paw pads reach for Paw Cream for relief.

It was designed for hunting dogs originally and has all natural and organic healing properties to moisturize, soothe, & reduce inflammation in pads and toes. It is safe to lick, smells great, and is easy to throw in your bag. A little massage of this into your pooches paws after a long day in the field or woods and they will be ready to go for round two!

Peppermint Paw Cream