A Natural Way to Celebrate Pet Dental Month January 31 2016

February is Pet Dental Month. According to the American Pet Products Association, 54% of family members take care of their dogs dental health (compared to a veterinarian, a groomer, or someone else doing it). Most pet owners know their pets teeth should be cleaned, but don't necessarily do anything regularly.

Good dental health is very important; pets want their teeth just like we want our teeth! Imagine not brushing your teeth for days and years on end. All that grime and gunk builds up causing plaque to form, the gums to inflame and become sensitive, and the worst for pet owners--- bad breath!! Approximately 85% of cats and dogs have some form of periodontal or dental disease, and if left untreated can lead to kidney issues, heart troubles, and bloodstream infections.

There is nothing better than a professional veterinarian cleaning, but products can be used to help with breath and plaque on a regular basis. Our Breath Freshener Spray does more than freshening the breath; it will also help with gingivitis by reducing inflammation in the gums. The essential oils (hydrosols for cats) will help kill off bacteria that leads to bad breath and plaque buildup. It is easy to use on sensitive or senior dogs, and doesn't taste bad either!

We recommend using our spray in three different ways. One is to spray directly into the mouth and onto the teeth, two is to dump it on a cotton ball and wipe the teeth off... this will help remove buildup on the teeth, three is to stick a small child's (or babies) toothbrush directly into the spray solution, then lift the cheek to brush the teeth. Our spray is non-toxic so if you decide to add it to your pets water or spray it on a bone/chew toy, no worries that's OK too.

For pets with extremely bad breath or bad teeth, use our spray regularly, especially at the beginning. Start with two times a day and decrease as you see improvement. The number of sprays does not matter. Please make sure to purchase the corresponding spray for your pet! Cat's need the Cat Breath Freshener and dog's need the Dog Breath Freshener. If you have both a dog and cat, we recommend each of them having their own spray. 

We hope these tidbits of information will give you the know-how and confidence to start taking care of your pets dental health. To learn more or read reviews click here.