Skunk Odor Neutralizing Spray


PETfection Skunk Odor Neutralizing Spray is designed to help combat and eliminate skunk odors and residue on your dog.

This Non-Toxic, 100% Natural & Organic formula will neutralize and deodorize while helping to cut grease. Uplifting rosemary and peppermint will remove odors, provide antibacterial properties, and stimulate fur growth while moisturizing the skin.

Use this spray as occurrences arise. It will work on fresh and existing skunk odors. Shake well before using, then spray all over the body or onto the affected area. Rub down into the fur and skin. This spray is safe if your dog licks it. Store in a dark, cool location for best keeping. For additional neutralizing power, grab our Skunk Odor Neutralizing Puppy Suds Shampoo for an all over treatment. 

Absolutely NO chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes or additives are used.  Made in the USA!

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