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Calming Spray


PETfection Calming Spray is designed to relax your pet during stressful situations. It will also help combat odors and dry skin.

This Non-Toxic, 100% Natural & Organic formula contains lavender and chamomile to naturally put your pet at ease and make them feel more comfortable as they breathe in the aroma. Gently spray onto your pet’s chest and neck, your pet’s collar, favorite toy, or their bed to help soothe. You can also spray into your own hands and then rub them around the snout.

Shake this spray well before using. Use daily or as needed during stressful situations. Start using 30min before a stressful event to allow the aroma to begin relaxing your pet. This spray is safe if your pet licks it. Avoid using near the eyes. Store this spray in a dark, cool location for best keeping.

Absolutely NO chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes or additives are used. Made in the USA!

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