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Dry Nose Oil


PETfection Nose Oil is designed to moisturize and heal dry, cracked, or raw noses on your dog or cat. This fast absorbing, unscented oil has a Non-Toxic, 100% Natural & Organic formula to promote healing by increasing cell rejuvenation, moisturizing, decreasing inflammation, and blocking out infection. With ingredients like coconut oil and jojoba, nose cracks & craters will soften, while the oils absorb in quickly without clogging pores or affecting scent.

Can be used daily or as needed. Shake well before using. Apply directly onto the nose and rub in, or apply to your finger and rub into the nose. Safe to lick. This oil can be used on short-snouted dogs & cats. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Store in a dark, cool location for best keeping.

Absolutely NO alcohol, chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes or additives are used. Made in the USA!

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