Urinary Berry Powder


Urinary Berry is a blend of cranberry and wild blueberry to provide support for the bladder and urinary tract in dogs and cats. This powder is high in PAC's (proanthocyanidins) which prevent the adhesion of bad bacteria on the walls of the bladder and urinary tract. This means it helps prevent UTI's and other bladder issues! It is great for older pets who have developed some incontinence or those pets prone to infections. To boot, this powder is high in antioxidants and supports overall health of the teeth, gums, eyes and cardiovascular system.

Urinary Berry contains 200mg of cranberry and 100mg of wild blueberry. Administer 1 scoop of powder per 25lbs of body weight. Simply add it to your dog or cats food. Use it twice a day for two weeks, then reduce to twice a week for general prevention and urinary health.


2.64oz container (125 servings for 26-50lb dog). Made in the USA! Brought to you by Super Snouts.

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