Springtime Favorites from PETfection March 01 2014

Springtime is a time for fresh air, sunshine, and outdoor activity, but with it comes bugs, dirt, and unforeseen critters! Fortunately we have all the necessary items to get you stocked up and ready. Our Spring Favorites is a new collection of our most popular items sold this time of year. Whether you want to get your dog out for a good brushing or bathing, or just want to get in some quality play time, we have something that will work for you. 

The downside of Spring is fleas and mosquitoes start hatching and infesting our pets, and critters like skunks start being born and face our pets with a stinky situation. Our Bug Repellent Spray and Outdoor Bugs Be Gone kit will get your pet protected from flea bites, mosquitoes, flies, and ticks. They are great to have for any event outside like garden clean up, BBQ's, hiking, and camping.

Skunks are smelly creatures and never fun to deal with! It is always a good idea to have our Skunk Odor Neutralizer Spray and Shampoo on hand in you live in an area where skunks are making their presence. Both products will help eliminate skunk odors and residue, without being harsh on the skin or stripping the fur of it's natural oils. 


skunk odor neutralizer dog shampoo

skunk odor neutralizer spray




After getting the important stuff taken care of, have a relaxing playtime with your pooch with our Hemp Frisbee and excite your cat with our wool Eco Pouncer. :)